What is Love my Dress"

What is “Love MY Dress“ ?

A Post-Wedding Portrait Session (in fact these portrait sessions can be done with any Dress, bridesmaids dress, prom dress, alternative clothing etc, etc), where you can re-live the enjoyment of wearing your amazing dress again!!

It's about "ART", it's about trying to create something different to the images normally taken on a Wedding Day. With the use of creative off-camera lighting techniques, this is a fantastic opportunity to create "arty"images to proudly hang on your walls at home.

There will be no time constraints, like on your Wedding day, this time there is time to create stunning, fun and unique fashion style shots of you looking amazing again in your Wedding dress.

These post Wedding Portrait Sessions have sometimes been called, "Trash the Dress", "Rock the Dress", "Shoot the Dress" or "Cherish the Dress".

It does not matter if Neil Hanson Photography didn’t photograph your Wedding “Love MY dress” is another opportunity to look amazing.

A "Love My Dress" Photoshoot is also a great idea as a Wedding present, gift vouchers are available and valid for 12 months.

For my latest work & sample gallery of images please visit:

: www.LemonLightHouse.co.uk/lovemydress :

If you wish to enquire for availability or have any questions, please contact : Neil Hanson Photography : for further details.